Plain of the Six Glaciers (2013)

a JCP0317  Start of the hike a JCP0326 a JCP0330 a JCP0332
a JCP0334 a JCP0351  Very tame wildlife a JCP0355 a JCP0356
a JCP0357 a JCP0358 a JCP0364 a JCP0365
a JCP0366 a JCP0368 a JCP0369 a JCP0374
a JCP0377 a JCP0378 a JCP0382 a JCP0383
a JCP0387 a JCP0391 a JCP0394 a JCP0395
a JCP0396 a JCP0401 a JCP0406 a JCP0413
a JCP0417 a JCP0418 a JCP0430 a JCP0432
a JCP0433 A JCP0437 a JCP0439 a JCP0440
a JCP0444 a JCP0447 a JCP0448 a JCP0450
a JCP0455 a JCP0463 a JCP0467 a JCP0470
a JCP0479 a JCP0490 a JCP0491 a JCP0492
a JCP0496 a JCP0501 a JCP0503 a JCP0504
a JCP0505 a JCP0506 a JCP0508 a JCP0509
a JCP0511 a JCP0531 a JCP0543 a JCP0546
a JCP0547 a JCP0548 a JCP0549 a JCP0550
a JCP0553 a JCP0556 a JCP0562 a JCP0565
a JCP0566 a JCP0568 a JCP0569 a JCP0571
a JCP0573 a JCP0576 a JCP0578 a JCP0579
a JCP0582 a JCP0588 a JCP0591 a JCP0594
a JCP0597 a JCP0600 a JCP0613 a JCP0615
a JCP0624 a JCP0641 a JCP0643 a JCP0645
a JCP0647 a JCP0648 a JCP0649 a JCP0650
a JCP0651 a JCP0652 a JCP0655 a JCP0658
a JCP0660 a JCP0667 a JCP0674 a JCP0682
a JCP0687 a JCP0690