Stampeders vs Alouettes 2013-07-20
a JCP9160  Enjoying the tailgater a JCP9168  Our hosts: Larry & Christine a JCP9170  Some happy customers a JCP9182  Who needs a burger?
a JCP9187  TSN was attracted by the smell a JCP9191  Grant passing out some Montreal smoked meat a JCP9196  Kick-off a JCP9197  ...and follow through
a JCP9203 a JCP9209 a JCP9225  Where's Waldo a JCP9234
a JCP9247 a JCP9272 a JCP9281 a JCP9286
a JCP9310 a JCP9317 a JCP9324 a JCP9358
a JCP9363 a JCP9388 a JCP9392 a JCP9395
a JCP9409 a JCP9411 a JCP9422 a JCP9426
a JCP9449 a JCP9456 a JCP9467 a JCP9474
a JCP9481 a JCP9490 a JCP9498 a JCP9517
a JCP9530 a JCP9550